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Tin Ceiling Lights


Accent your country home with one of our beautifully handcrafted Tin Ceiling Lights.

***Free Shipping with $75.00 Minimum Purchase.

Round Hanging Strap Light
Our Price:  $101.95  
Egg Basket Cage Pendant
Our Price:  $81.95  
Petal Cage Pendant
Our Price:  $99.95  
Industrial Cage Pendant
Our Price:  $91.95  
Breakfast Table Pendant
Our Price:  $63.95  
Springhouse Pendant
Our Price:  $77.95  
Canning Table Pendant
Our Price:  $77.95  
Colander Pendant Light
Our Price:  $67.95  
Single Ceiling Light with Brass Bars
Our Price:  $83.95  
Double Ceiling Light with Brass Bars
Our Price:  $99.95  
Double Ceiling Light with Folded Bars
Our Price:  $99.95  
Single Ceiling Light with Folded Bars
Our Price:  $83.95  
Square Chisel Ceiling Light
Our Price:  $117.95  
Small Amherst Hanging Light
Our Price:  $163.95  
Large Amherst Hanging Light
Our Price:  $195.95  
Double Saddle Light
Our Price:  $139.45  
Hartford Double Saddle Light
Our Price:  $148.95  
Round Ceiling Light with Chisel Design
Our Price:  $50.95  
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***Please Note:  Most lighting orders will ship direct to you from the manufacturer.

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