Single Switch
Single Switch

Chisel Design Rustic Tin Wall Plates

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Single Switch Cover (set of four) [+$33.80]
Double Switch Cover (set of three) [+$31.35]
Triple Switch Cover (set of two) [+$21.90]
Single Outlet Cover (set of four) [+$33.80]
Double Outlet Cover (set of three) [+$31.35]
Outlet & Switch Cover (set of three) [+$31.35]
Double Switch & Outlet Cover (set of two) [+$20.90]
Single Rocker Cover (set of four) [+$33.80]
Double Rocker Cover (set of three) [+$31.35]
Switch & Rocker Cover (set of three) [+$31.35]
Chisel Design Rustic Tin Wall Plates handcrafted by Irvin's Tinware. Made of tin. Various styles to choose from. 

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